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Paperback,  5″ x 7.75″
85 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-325-0

by Sarah Rhinelander

Author of Pieces of Water & Quitting Recovery

Stone Blanket is a collection of poems inspired by the dream world and a daily practice of journeying there. These poems invite the reader along for the ride to see what the dreamer sees, to simplify your sight, and to find truth and hope in our shared inner world.

* * *

For me, Sarah’s words evoke wisdom teachings in modern language. Recognition, awareness, crystal clear imagery, lovingly crafted into the world of form, that speaks so clearly about living and witnessing. I am just delighted to be a reader on the journey…and look forward to more that will certainly come.

—Linda Heller, LCSW


Sarah Rhinelander works as a boat painter, massage therapist, writer, and artist. She lives and works in midcoast Maine.

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