…is a new style of independent press.
Our goal is to support local, independent authors through the publishing process with affordable services such as editing, design, printing, a trade catalog, distribution, and marketing support.


Would you like to support your local Maine bookstore
but can’t get there for curbside pickup or would prefer to stay home?
Would you also like to support a local Maine author?

Welcome to Maine Authors Bookstore Direct where we ship the bookstore to your door!

If you want to purchase a Maine Authors Publishing title, but also want to buy from a local bookstore, please fill out the form below. The bookstore will be in touch to process your payment, and then Maine Authors Publishing will ship the book to your door!

How does this support the local community?

  • Increases sales to local bookstores instead of an online source
  • Assists bookstores who may not be set up for shipping
  • Supports a local Maine author


We are honored to be able to donate our labor to the Bookstore Direct program in support of our Maine bookstores. All sales and royalties go to the bookstore and author respectively.

Although we are staying physically distant, that doesn’t mean we can’t connect through books!


You can also download a PDF of our Spring/Summer 2020 Trade Catalog
to see our new titles.




Maine Authors Bookstore Direct Order Form:

The bookstore will be in touch to process the payment, but the book(s) will ship direct to you from Maine Authors Publishing.
List the Maine Authors Publishing title (or titles) that you would like to order. If more than one, please indicate quantity.
The bookstore will be contacting you via phone or email to process your payment.
Shipping address of where you want the book(s) to go.

Thank you for supporting a local Maine bookstore! The bookstore will be in contact with you to take your payment. Once the order is confirmed by the bookstore, Maine Authors Publishing will ship it direct to you!