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Paperback, 6″ x 9″
158 pages with color photographs
ISBN 978-1-63381-343-4

by Margaret W. Jones

 Margaret W. Jones, travel guide and storyteller, has a deep appreciation for beauty and nature. She both feels and “hears” what the earth is saying on her walks through ancient sacred sites and landscapes.

In this elegantly written and deeply personal travel guide, she takes readers on extraordinary walks through known and not-so-known places in Ireland, England, Jordan, Wales, and Scotland. With vivid and compelling details, she has these vener­able lands tell their own stories by her willingness to be open to their messages.

As you travel with her, you too may be curious about your own ancestral connec­tions to sacred landscapes. Whether you’re a seeker of unusual destinations or on a spiritual quest, walk with Margaret on hallowed ground, kneel with her before holy wells, and travel ancient Roman roads. Discover the stories of saints, goddesses, and witches. Enter portals and experience what the ancient Celts called “the thin places,” where all soul journeys begin. It is where you hear the whispers of the ancestors.


Margaret’s devotion to learning about life through listening with her heart shines through these stories like a beacon to lost worlds.

—Jeanne Fiorini (TarotWorks), tarot practitioner and author of Tarot Spreads & Layouts: A User’s Manual for Beginning and Intermediate Readers

These travel tales will delight and surprise even the most knowledgeable traveler. Visit sacred sites, standing stones, and mysterious roadside shrines from a unique perspec­tive. Learn the history and legends and feel the magic of experiencing these places through Margaret Jones’s lyrical prose. Even the well-known places take on a more mystical quality when Margaret tells her story.

—Margi Huber, writer, storyteller, and fellow traveler to sacred sites

Margaret Jones is a consummate traveler. As an author, intuitive, and storyteller, her passion for travel gratifies her quest for adventure and helps to inform her relationship with her ancestors. Walking Sacred Sites: Listening to Their Stories is both personal and informative. There is poetry in Margaret’s descriptive prose. After reading this magical book, I felt that I had been walking the sacred sites with her.

—Lisa Barstow, author of Don’t Go Back to Sleep and Where the Two Worlds Touch


Margaret W. Jones, MEd, has a background in social work and education with a certificate in therapeutic storytelling. She is an award-winning storyteller, workshop leader, tarot reader, and travel guide. In her spare time, Margaret performs, writes, and continues her search for sacred places.

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