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6” x 9″
182 pages
Paperback, $14.95
ISBN 978-1-63381-195-9

by Judith Perry Carpenter

The Uninvited Goddess is a memoir about the author’s stories of awakening to greater oneness. It is set in the context of these troubled times, the transformative possibilities of quantum consciousness, and the archetype of our newest planet, Eris, whose mythology suggests the vision that everyone needs to be invited to the party, everyone needs a seat at the table.

* * *

Readers of all kinds will appreciate the deep wisdom and inspiration in this riveting and remarkable book. Judith Carpenter skillfully combines candid, compelling memoir with a powerful call to awakened action for a better future. Her unique book is moving, enlightening—and truly transformative.

Shane Snowdon, former editor of Sojourner & University of California diversity director


Judith Perry Carpenter is an Episcopal priest with a Doctor of Ministry degree in Feminist Liberation Theology and Ministry from the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following earlier work in youth ministry, she served twelve years as chaplain at Dana Hall, a boarding school for girls from around the world located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. She then moved to Tenants Harbor, Maine, as one of the founders of Greenfire, a wom­en’s retreat house. For fifteen years, her Greenfire ministry involved participating in deep personal and spiritual conversations with peo­ple, primarily women, from any faith tradition or none and from many other countries. Judith is the author of Peacework Quilt: 365 Meditative Offerings, which was published in 2009. Currently liv­ing in Rockland, Maine, near three of her four children and her five granddaughters, Judith seeks to balance family life, the contempla­tive path, and a shared ministry of encouragement to youth workers with her husband, Jack.

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