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Paperback,  6″ x 9″
163 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-275-8

by Tina L. Moody

Self-awakening is a journey that many of us do not realize we are embarking upon. For those of us coming from a more linear mindset, perhaps we are simply beginning to question the road we have been traveling and how we may wish to proceed with our life. This often stems from a feeling that there is something more to life and for us in this lifetime.

Tina L. Moody came from such a place and unknowingly stepped onto this path. After traversing this new landscape for almost three years, she began feeling the pull to write a book. Initially, she thought it would be a memoir of the daily journal she kept for a year regarding her spiritual escapades and self-healing. And then things shifted in January 2020, when synchronicities made it apparent that the journal was to be her guide in writing The Spiritual Awakening of an Analytical Mind. In the book, Tina offers like-minded linear thinkers as herself a blueprint for walking this new path of self-awakening. She provides readers with guidance through stepping-stones, exercises to incorpo­rate into their lives, and many relatable stories from her journey. The goal of the book and in life is for all of us to create our own unique path on our journey toward our truest self.


Coming from the more analytical corporate realm, an unexpected journey of self-awakening altered how Tina L. Moody approaches life. Along her journey, the need to assist others like her to step onto this path of awakening emerged as her purpose. This is her first book for other linear-minded spiritual seekers. Tina lives with her two children and her partner in Falmouth, Maine.

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