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Paperback, 6″x9″
215 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63381-116-4


by Robert J. Ristino

Two assassins—members of the secret sicarii—leave a trail of bodies as they hunt the one man who could destroy the Illuminati child sex trafficking network. With the lives of countless children hanging in the balance, SSA Bing Ingram and his FBI team join a group of crack Europol agents committed to finding the man before the assassins do. It’s a wild and dangerous race across continents as thrilling as the Grand Prix…but far more deadly!

* * *

The Illuminati Circle was one of the most original, suspenseful, and just flat-out interesting thriller/mystery novels I’ve read lately. I liked it for so many different reasons: first the writing was stellar… The chapters are short and brisk, so you keep wanting to read ‘just one more’…and another and another…It definitely shocked me several times and isn’t predictable—especially at the end!
—Gillian Hancock, Indie Book Reviewers


Robert J. Ristino was born in Boston, MA. He is an academic researcher and lecturer and the author of the Illuminati novels and two nonfiction books. He lives on a lake in Midcoast Maine with his wife, a dog, a cat, and many friends who come and go.
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