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,  7″ x 10″
42 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-405-9

,  7″ x 10″
42 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-404-2

written & illustrated by Cassie Sano

Also the author of Baxter the Moose & Martie Merganser and the Big Waterfall

Vincent the cat is in the habit of sticking his paws where they don’t belong. After making a big mess with his owner’s paint palette, he discovers that he loves to paint and is quite good at it. How would Vincent prove his talent to Frida when she wouldn’t allow him near her paint again? Vincent almost gives up on his dream before he figures out a clever solution.


Cassie Sano moved to Augusta, Maine, after retiring as a letter carrier in the postal service. She now enjoys her full-time creative career painting, writing and illustrating, and teaching. She organizes a local plein air painting group and is a member of the Kennebec Valley Art Association, River Arts Gallery, and the Maine Art Gallery.

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