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Paperback 6” x 9”
137 pages



Middle Grade

by Lorraine Murray
illustrated by Tineke Visser

Bolting from his overrun home under the Albert Street Bridge in London? Well, that was easy. Landing at Mrs. Gimmidge’s sweet shop? Pure luck. There, the intrepid furry Humboldt attends a school of riddles and learns to read and write with icing sugar chalk.

Life bursts with sweetness in his newfound home.
But one evening, his luck snaps.

The gray woman with the raspy voice and frightening culinary instruments. Who is she? A terrible speller, that is for certain, but bad spelling isn’t exactly a crime. Or is it? The sort of crime that requires Scotland Yard?

The Room of Galloping Darkness is calling…
Will Humboldt ever find his way home?

Meet Inspectors Hodge and Podge, the Queen and her corgis, a plucky sparrow, and, of course, Humboldt in this fun, spooky, heart-warming tale.


This is Lorraine’s first children’s book. She loves Maine, foggy days, and swimming in the sea with her Newfoundland dog, Dory.

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