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Paperback,  6″ x 9″
263 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-228-4

by Elizabeth Heminway

Written from an isolated mountain farmhouse, these diverse stories derive from a wide span of living experiences abroad. Attitudes, perspectives, and impressions reflect Elizabeth’s years spent in Florence, the Tuscan Apennines, and Munich, Germany. Realistic settings and characters do not eliminate fantasy, and the author’s passion for opera, lieder, and theater also reveals its influence.


While at Bryn Mawr College, Elizabeth Hilgenberg joined a year abroad program in Florence, remaining in Europe for over forty years. Married to poet/teacher David Heminway, she sang, acted, taught English, and raised two children. Her joining David’s early retirement to their isolated mountain house above a small traditional village (shepherds, farmers, charcoal makers) provoked new creativity: these original tales.

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