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Paperback 6” x 9″
154 pages
ISBN 978-1-936447-14-5


Silent Maine Reminders


by Alden Weigelt

This great land we call America is a beacon of hope and freedom not only to her citizens but for many in the rest of the world. America exists at a price paid by ordinary, humble people who chose to defend this way of life. The State of Maine is one of the least populated states in the union, yet Weigelt illustrates many examples of how much service and sacrifice exists here. These examples are not unique to Maine. “Silent Reminders” can be found everywhere in America. These reminders have stories behind them involving men who wanted to preserve the America they believed in.

It may be a memorial, a place of historical significance, or the personal account of a friend or relative. In this “Inspirational History”, Weigelt challenges the reader to explore their own circle of existence and discover their own “Silent Reminders” and validate them.

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