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,  8″ x 10″
14 pages with color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-376-2

,  8″ x 10″
14 pages with color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-375-5

by Audrey D. Stempel
illustrated by Lin Snow

This story is based on a true event. It’s an example of how love can heal. Sheila was neglected and then given away, but Annie restored Sheila with love. Sheila became a loyal and trusted friend. Because she was loved, she could hold her ears up and people noticed that she was beautiful. And so she was, inside and out.


Audrey Stempel is a child and family psychologist who has been in practice for almost twenty years. She adopted Sheila when she was five years old and fostered her during her incredible transformation. Dr. Audrey works every day with her therapy dog Mickey. They live in Old Orchard Beach and walk and play on the beach all year round.

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