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Middle Grade
Paperback, 5.5″ x 8″
194 pages with b/w illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-394-6

written by Rae Chalmers
illustrated by Jamie Hogan

Part of the Oxbow Island Gang Series: Bear and the Oxbow Island Gan, Oxbow Island Gang: Lobster Graveyard, Oxbow Island Gang: Winter Crows, Oxbow Island Gang: Leap Frog

The Fourth of July on Oxbow Island is supposed to be filled with endless ice cream cones, dock jumping, fireworks, and campfires. But when a sudden storm forces the ferry to dock at Great Claw Island instead of Oxbow, Bear and Olivia’s dreams are shattered like the windows on the boat. Just when Bear thinks his vacation can’t get any worse, he is chased through an abandoned fort by thousands of bats and Olivia is mad at him. How can they make the Fourth of July fun again?

The fifth book in an environmental mystery series for readers ages 8-11.

* * *

…this book is an ideal selection for younger readers who enjoy some science facts included alongside their adventures. A sweet, educational story about protecting nature, overcoming fears, and friendship.

Kirkus Reviews


Rae Chalmers has worked as a weaver, gardener, writer, teacher, and social worker on many of Maine’s islands. Her stories are inspired by the strength of those communities, her neighbors, and Maine’s natural beauty. She believes we can protect our natural environment when children and elders work together.

For more information, visit the author’s website.

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