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,  8.75″ x 10″
28 pages with color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-374-8

,  8.75″ x 10″
28 pages with color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-373-1

by Laurie Brooks Evans
illustrated by Alice Delzer

The midcoast town of Camden, Maine has a Christmas tradition worthy of praise!

Since the 1960s, the community has worked together to transport a 23-foot star to the top of Mount Battie and place it on the tower. Volunteers drive up the mountain to “light” the star each night from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. The Christmas star is visible from the town and is a beacon of hope and cheer each holiday season.


Laurie Brooks Evans was born and grew up in Camden, Maine. Blessed to live at the base of Mount Battie, she trekked up the back trails to the mountain as a kid. Although she lived away from her beloved Maine for over 40 years (that’s what happens when you marry a Midwesterner), she now is a part-time resident of Camden again. The tradition of climbing Mount Battie continues with her husband, two daughters, and grandchildren.

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