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Paperback 6” x 9″
263 pages with some color images



by Thomas Jamrog

After completing thru-hikes of the Appalachian (AT) and Pacific Crest (PCT) Trails, Tom Jamrog rises up out of his retirement rocking chair to invite three members of the AT and PCT’s MeGaTex team to join him on the ultimate multigenerational vacation. In the Path of Young Bulls details a team’s five-month-long stint of daily challenges along the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, one of the USA’s toughest long-distance journeys. The book also serves as a resource for section and long-distance hikers in planning their own CDT adventures, by including daily mileages from starting and ending locations, as well as on-trail reports and conditions for each day’s hike.


* * *

At a time in life when most men are happily easing into retirement, Tom Jamrog took up long-distance hiking, tackling the grueling miles of the AT and PCT. Satisfied but by no means sated, 63-year old Jamrog then sought the ultimate prize, the continent-sized challenge of the CDT. In the Path of Young Bulls is the story of that desolate, brutal, expansive, majestic 2,500-mile journey, a monumental effort achieved in the company of hiking partners half his age. With palpable determination and commitment, Jamrog vividly and honestly captures the real highs and lows of thru-hiking the Rockies from Mexico to Canada, a rare human feat that earned him the coveted Triple Crown of Hiking.

— Carey Michael Kish, two-time AT thru-hiker, author of AMC’s Best Day Hikes Along the Maine Coast, and editor of the AMC Maine Mountain Guide


* * *


Thomas Jamrog, Maine Guide and past president of the Maine Association of School Psychology, has been backpacking and exploring the outdoors for 50 years. He penned a popular column in Motorcycle Tour & Travel, and twice completed 24-hour, 1,000-mile Iron Butt motorcycle rides. Tom earned the Triple Crown award from the American Long Distance Hiking Association in 2014.

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