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Paperback,  8″ x 10.25″
34 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-378-6

story and art by Roger McCord

“Dad? I’ll never forget this day.”

Over the course of two weeks, young Maya and her dad create a lifelong memory as they watch the nest-to-flight process of an Eastern phoebe brood. This heartwarming fable is illustrated by dramatic images as young birds hatch and take wing. At the same time, Maya and her dad forge an alliance as they discuss how birds—and children—will eventually leave the nest.


A lifelong journalist in print, photography and documentary video, Roger has earned three New England Emmy nominations and multiple Maine Press Association awards. But he cites his most meaningful work as the 10 years he spent as a stay-at-home dad. He lives in Cumberland, Maine with his wife, Su, a career educator. They have two grown children, flown off to thrive in Boston and New York City.

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