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Paperback, 6″ x 9″
170 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-317-5

by Mary S. Build

Finding Myself in Aviation is about so much more than flying. It chronicles one woman’s journey of discovery from an abusive childhood to finally finding freedom in the skies. Mary Build’s story is an inspiration to anyone who has wondered what their true purpose is in life, while her adventures as a pilot will keep you on the edge of your seat.

* * *

Mary is, without question, one of the best educators I have experienced in any aspect
of learning. Whether that be schooling, corporate training, or anything else in my life,
that answer does not change. Learning to fly could very well be one of the most difficult
things I have ever undertaken. While climbing the mountain of required knowledge
and skills, Mary was patient with answering any of the thousands of questions I could
come up with and also items I had trouble becoming proficient with inside of the
airplane. Even if I had doubts about my abilities, she was able to determine when
to push me or know that she needed to provide further instruction. She was acutely
aware of the fact that everyone has a different learning style and she quickly focused in
on mine like a laser beam. Mary has a wealth of aviation knowledge and experiences
and a wonderful ability to transfer that knowledge to her students. If someone were
to ask me for a recommendation of the best flight instructor, there wouldn’t be any
thought required—that would be Mary!

—Nick Altman


Mary Build is an accomplished seaplane instructor who ran a very successful flight training operation teaching hundreds of pilots how to safely fly from the water. Her passion for flight is evident in each story she tells, from flying to Alaska to surviving an airplane crash, to racing airplanes. Mother to two daughters, she lives in Maine.

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