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Paperback, 6″x9″
275 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63381-140-9


by Norman R. Kalloch, Jr.

In 1783, a young family finds themselves stranded in Quebec City. Desperate to join his brother in the District of Maine, Robert Forbes attempts to lead his family through the wilderness following an ancient Indian portage trail also used by Benedict Arnold eight years earlier. The journey proves to be far more hazardous than the family had imagined.

 * * *

“The story of Benedict Arnold’s march through Maine and Quebec in 1775 and the Forbes’s journey in the reverse direction in 1784 has been brought together in a most unique and amazing way by Arnold historian and author Norman R. Kalloch, Jr. His version of the Forbes’s heartbreaking journey has brought us a new and wonderful sense of what could have happened mingled with places and facts in Maine history. This ordeal is now a story no one will forget.”

—Kenny R. Wing, co-author, The Lost Villages of Flagstaff Lake and noted expert of Benedict Arnold’s march through the Maine wilderness

“Norm Kalloch is top shelf as a skilled story teller. He ranks right up there with Maine authors Paul Doiron and Gerry Boyle. This tale of a family’s struggle to survive the roughest area of the Maine wilderness is a masterpiece. You may find yourself burning through this haunting tale in one sitting. I ask myself, “Could I ever survive such a saga? Do I know anyone who could have survived such a horrific ordeal?” No, I don’t!”

—Gary Cobb, hunter and explorer of the Dead River area with 60 years’ experience and co-author, The History of Pierce Pond


After a 34-year career in natural resource conservation, Norm Kalloch spends nine months of the year happily living off the grid at West Carry Pond in Somerset County with his wife, Audrey. He spends countless hours improving their woodlot and thoroughly enjoys all that the Bigelow Mountain region has to offer.

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