“Your source for independently publishing your book
and getting it into the hands of your readers”



  • Maine Authors Publishing helps self-published and independent authors get their books published and in the hands of their readers.
  • This is done affordably, even for first-time authors, by taking advantage of new technology that has made small print runs less expensive and by offering authors a variety of cooperative style marketing opportunities and a la carte services to fit each author’s individual needs and budget. Authors are offered inclusion in our cooperative-style color trade catalog, bookstore invoicing, fulfillment and cooperative sales.
  • No matter what online “publishers” will promise you, we have learned that marketing books is very “hands-on” and requires hard work, author support and long term relationships with bookstores and niche markets.
  • Maine Authors Publishing, unlike any other company, is truly for self-publishing authors only, letting authors set their own pricing and receive 100% of the royalties from their book sales.
  • Maine Authors Publishing offers a full range of services for self-published and independent authors, including:
    • editing
    • proofreading
    • copyright/ISBN/LOC registration
    • design
    • Indesign consulting
    • printing
    • personal marketing plans
    • website design/hosting
    • ebook conversion
    • publicity events
    • social media/internet marketing
    • distribution both nationally and in Maine.
  • For authors serious about promoting their work, The Maine Authors Cooperative is a cooperative-style marketing program for self-publishers. This is an ongoing, interactive support program, free to qualified authors who have chosen to participate in our cooperative plan.