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Maine Authors Publishing provides a platform for Maine voices. We work hard to maintain a specific quality of work and promote meaningful literature. Works under our Maine Authors Publishing imprint are held to the highest standard and require professional editing, illustrations, and design which are subject to our approval.

We cannot publish works that promote racism, homophobia, sexual assault, pornography, family disputes, slander, ultra-nationalism, xenophobia, hate, or any other works which may elicit physical danger or mental turbulence to others (including highly political content).

Our company fully supports organizations and the brave individuals who address domestic violence, sexual assault, and survivors of child abuse,  but we are not in a position to publish personal accounts (even if the names are changed).

We maintain the right to reject work dealing with abuse, defamation, and copyright issues that may pose a legal risk to the author. We will continue to support works that highlight Maine’s creative minds and enrich the lives of our readers and writers.

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