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11” x 8.5″
168 pages

Softbound: $46.95
ISBN 978-1-63381-166-9

Hardbound: $51.95
ISBN 978-1-63381-167-6


by Garrett Conover

Sauna Magic is a lyrical and evocative celebration. Imagery and story embrace a tradition that sustains calm renewal and thoughtful quiet in a world that too often seems overly busy, and overwhelming. The introductory chapter invites readers into a remarkable realm provided by the elemental resonance of fire, stone, water, and wood, and a ritual shared widely all over the world. Subsequent chapters profile a diversity of saunas and their people. Each exploration personalizes experience and a dreamscape that will reward seasoned practitioners and intrigued newcomers alike. Within is an accessible luminous love song to health, happiness, and community.

* * *

 “Sauna Magic is a beautifully written and lavishly illustrated celebration of community and wellness. It inspires and brings to life the rituals and practices of a warm and loving group of people, all of whom share a common love and passion for sauna and sweat bathing. Read this book! I guarantee it will make your next sauna/sweat experience that much richer.”

—Mikkel Aaland, author of Sweat, and host of Perfect Sweat, a documentary series

“We are so happy that Sauna Magic reflects the presence of authentic Finnish sauna in other parts of the world. Sauna makes the world a better place.”

—Carita Harju, Jyväskylä, Finland, executive director of Sauna from Finland and author of Sauna—The Way of Finnish Life

“Garrett is a kindred spirit with a deep respect for the centuries old Finnish sauna tradition. His appreciation of the authentic radiates from every page of Sauna Magic, as he introduces us to the warmth and character of other sauna lovers like you and me.”

—Glenn Auerbach, Sauna Times

Sauna Magic connects readers to the vitality and nuance fueling North America’s sauna revival. Garrett shares the joy and discovery that connects sauna societies around the world with the next wave of enthusiasts. If you are not one already, just keep reading!”

—John Pederson founder of 612 Sauna Society Cooperative and co-owner of Sauna Society Outfitters



Garrett Conover is best known as the cofounder of North Woods Ways, the classically resonant canoe and snowshoe guiding service leading wilder­ness trips in Maine, Quebec, and Labrador from 1980 until 2007. Garrett is author of Beyond the Paddle. His novella, Kristin’s Wilderness, has won four awards. The Snow Walker’s Companion was coauthored with Alexandra Conover Bennett, and is now in its fourth printing. Writing and photography are continuing inter­ests, and Garrett remains in demand as a presenter of North Woods Skills Workshops and Adventure Travel Slideshows, where the narration weaves a bit of his­tory, how-to, natural history, and the intrigue of glo­rious wilderness trails into each presentation. He is currently a craftsman and fabricator at Sheldon Slate Products in Monson, Maine.


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