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Paperback 6” x 9″
288 pages




by Mel Howards

PROVOCATION IS THE CURRENT RUNNING THROUGH THE ESSAYS: often controversial, usually serious and unadorned, alive and pulsing, with hints of humor—a wide range of issues and subjects including essays on Religion, Culture, Politics, Education, Philosophy, and Metaphoric Milieu, with bon mots after selected essays for emphasis (sometimes just for fun). Here are ideas, insights, musings, and opinions that cry out for exposure and discussion.

Amid the shallow chatter and bumper sticker proclamations that pass for intellectual discourse in our current culture, it is heartening to find someone like Mel Howards. He’s a philosopher. That means he’s a sincere doubter, willing to excavate any idea, however firmly embedded, and hold it up to the light of reason to determine its actual worth. And he does it with a consistent style and wit. —John Manderino, author of The H-Bomb and the Jesus Rock



MEL HOWARDS Professor Emeritus, Northeastern University, is an educator and the author of Read Your Way Up and Reading Diagnosis and Instruction: An Integrated Approach, and several professional journal articles and essays in The World of English publication in Beijing, where he and his wife taught for sixteen months.

Mel is also a playwright and has written and directed several plays in Maine. He is the founder and director of the Senior Players, a theater group associated with the OLLI program at USM Portland. He is currently working on a collection of his poetry. He lives in Buxton, Maine.

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