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5” x 7.75″
119 pages
Paperback, $17.95
ISBN 978-1-63381-175-1

by Sarah Rhinelander

Pieces of Water is a collection of poems, mantras, and meditations that celebrates living in truth and reconnecting with our creative spark. The result of decades of dream work, journeying, and asking for daily guidance, this is a book about seeing where we are and remembering why we are here.

* * *

I try to remember to read one of Sarah’s poems/prayers every day. They remind me of what is truly important. Her book goes with me in the car and the suitcase, and it’s always in plain view in my house. One day a friend read the visible poem on my coffee table and said, “I must have this!” That is the kind of response all my friends have. I think of Sarah as the modern day Rumi or Hafiz.

—Joy Vaughan, artist/teacher

For me, Sarah’s words evoke wisdom teachings in modern language. Recognition, awareness, crystal clear imagery, lovingly crafted into the world of form, that speaks so clearly about living and witnessing. I am just delighted to be a reader on the journey…and look forward to more that will certainly come.

—Linda Heller, LCSW


Sarah Rhinelander is an artist and massage therapist who specializes in working with elders. For many years she had a business refinishing wooden boats. This book is the result of decades of dream work, journeying, and asking for daily guidance. Sarah lives and works in Maine.

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