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Paperback,  6″ x 9″
181 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-230-7

by Claire Ackroyd

A boy dies in the Maine woods. His death is judged an accident, but suspicions are raised.
Set in the remote maple sugar camps of northwestern Maine, the story unfolds around the maple syrup industry and its producers.

* * *

A really nifty tale that brought back many memories of being stationed on the Quebec border 50 years ago.
—John Caron, retired Maine game warden

A fabulous story with a catchy plot, great characters, and a really fun setting and flavor. Simone makes a hilarious, heartfelt debut as a new kind of detective in this backwoods Maine romp full of life and color.
—Hannah Cyrus, librarian

Unique setting and iconic characters make this debut novel an excellent read. Ackroyd knows her stuff and weaves an exciting plot around an interesting and authentic industry.
—Debe Averill, retired librarian


Claire Ackroyd lives in central Maine. She is a landscape designer and an independent organic inspector. Murder in the Maple Woods is her debut novel.

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