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One of our goals in 2022 is to strengthen our commitment to libraries. To show our support, we are now offering a 40% discount on your orders when you call or email us directly.

Order Titles by Local Maine Authors:

  • 40% discount (no minimum order)
  • ƒFree delivery by volunteer authors (if possible)

Free Bookmarks:

Did you know we offer FREE, custom-made, full-color bookmarks for your library? We begin with 1,000 and keep you supplied as needed throughout the year. Contact us with your details and logo and we will design, print, and get them to you as free giveaways at your library!

Interested in Scheduling an Event? We offer:

  • Author presentations
  • Team or panel discussions
  • Cooperative-style independent publishing presentation

…or a combination of all of the above!

For all Maine Authors Publishing author events, we can assist with promotion and refreshments (cider/cookies or wine/cheese).

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