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Paperback, 6″x9″
224 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63381-071-6


IslandsofTime_coverby Barbara Kent Lawrence

At fourteen, Rebecca Granger falls in love with Ben Bunker. A summer girl is not allowed to love a year-round boy, son of a fisherman in Downeast Maine in 1958. Yet, she does. When her father dies—overpowered by loss and anger—she commits a sin, terrible at the time. That sin nearly destroys Rebecca. She hides in fantasies until as an adult, returning to Maine she struggles to come to terms with that past. Islands of Time is a moving story of loss, pain and growth, but also of unexpected forgiveness and love, that celebrates the people and places of Downeast Maine.

“Islands of Time: I really like it. The story about a girl from away falling in love with a year-round kid from Maine, then coming back as an adult to reclaim her self, resonates with me. It’s also a love song to the people and landscape of Maine.”
—Linda Greenlaw, New York Times best-selling author and swordfishing captain. Her most recent book: Seaworthy

“Barbara Kent Lawrence returns us to a time that is past but an emotion that lives on. Her main character Becky is so deftly drawn that you will sympathize, empathize and possibly fall in love with her. Prepare for a day or night of non-stop reading because you won’t put Islands of Time down.”
—Barbara Lazear Ascher, author most recently of Dancing in the Dark; Romance, Yearning, and A Search for the Sublime

“Islands of Time provides an amazing insight into the long standing cultural divisions of the Maine coast and the possibility of transcending them through human compassion and understanding.”
—William Carpenter, author, The Keeper of Sheep, Speaking Fire at Stones, Rain, and The Wooden Nickel


In 1948, summer kid Barbara Kent Lawrence fell in love with Maine, and in 1979 she became a “year-round summer person.” She is the author of many articles and six books of nonfiction; her dissertation explored the influence of culture on aspirations in Maine. Islands of Time is her first novel, which draws on that research and her love of Maine.

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