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Maine Authors Publishing has a team of professional editors who are required to pass a rigorous editing test before they are accepted. Our editing supervisor will assign your manuscript to an editor who will be the best fit for your book. All editing is done using Microsoft Word Track Changes and the author has control of the final editing decisions.

Editorial Evaluation: $145

The first step in our editing process is to submit your manuscript for an Editorial Evaluation, an in-depth analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. Our head editor will review select passages from the work, including the beginning and the end of your book, and then will rank it in a number of categories based on how much attention will be required from the editor.

The manuscript is assessed in the following categories:

  • spelling & typos
  • narrative flow
  • voice
  • point of view
  • word choice/usage
  • grammar & sentence structure
  • consistency

Using the results of the Editorial Evaluation and based on the length of the manuscript, the editing supervisor will derive the cost for a copyeditor to complete editing.

Copyediting & Proofreading: $45/hour

Maine Authors Publishing has a roster of several experienced copyeditors who we have trusted for years to meet a consistent level of excellence and to provide honest critical insight and courteous feedback for our many authors. All of our editors have been thoroughly evaluated and tested to make sure they meet our standards of quality.

Copyediting is $45 per hour and involves checking and correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation; checking for consistency; and changing word choice and sentence structure to improve readability and/or clarify meaning. Above and beyond this, our editors are attentive to plotting, characterization, and other details crucial to story.

Editing is done in Microsoft Word, and we use the “Track Changes” feature so that authors maintain complete control over their work. We would never want to change your own creative voice so any change that the editor makes must subsequently be approved by you, the author.

Children’s Literature Assessment: $145

During the early stages of publication, it’s crucial to get constructive criticism. For the Children’s Literature Assessment, a fellow children’s book author and reading specialist will review your book and provide the feedback you need to strengthen themes, language, imagery, and marketability. It is a valuable developmental editing tool to ensure that you can precisely tailor your book to best engage with your target audience.

Most children’s books can be completely edited for the cost of an Editorial Evaluation alone, but the Children’s Literature Assessment can provide additional valuable insight.

Age-Appropriate Leveling: $75 per title

For children’s book authors, it is invaluable for marketing and book sales to know your target audience’s age. Especially if you are planning on marketing to educators, there are a number of different metrics to gauge this. As a publisher, we are able to submit books to be leveled by the Fountas & Pinnell team trained in the F&P Text Level Gradient™. This is widely considered one of the best tools available for reading instruction, and, once it has been leveled, your book will be published in the leveled book list available to members nationwide.

Transcription: $45/hour

Do you have family letters, audio files, or an old manuscript that you’d like to get transcribed into digital format? We charge $45 an hour for transcription services. Call or e-mail us for an estimate.

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