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Paperback, 11.5″ x 9″
32 pages with color illustrations
ISBN 978-1-63381-222-2

written & illustrated by Dennis A. Arbour
It’s nice to be here cozy,
Lying snug inside my bed.
But how can I get sleepy
When there’s cheese inside my head?I think I’ll sneak and scamper
And go looking ’round the house.
I’ll find the cheese and bring it home;
It’s my job to be a Mouse!

Cheese Inside Your Head is the whimsical story of Fuzzy, a mischievous mouse who encounters danger when he follows his curiosity and hungry appetite. Fuzzy uses his coping skills and quick thinking to escape Kitty Cat…and learns an important life lesson along the way.


Dennis Anthony Arbour (1950–2018) was an exceptional individual and a talented artist. His life pursuits included West Coast American Indian carvings, designing for New York Illustrations, and original oil paintings. He is well known for his book Being the Phoenix, regarding his personal health battle. Spirituality and kindness were his guiding lights. He wrote Cheese Inside Your Head in 1996. He wrote this children’s tale with the view of mischief and adventure in life, and the stable value of the family unit. He was generous and thoughtful toward his stepchildren Jon and Emily. He is missed greatly by his surviving family.

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