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Paperback,  6″ x 9″
359 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-351-9

by Danette Laver

 Marian Edin longs to leave her unconventional childhood behind. She’s being raised by her grandmother, a woman who would rather run the bases than a vacuum cleaner, who wears cleats in the house and never speaks about the thousand newspaper clippings that line her bedroom walls.

When Marian falls for Bradley, the aspiring ballplayer who lives next door, she’s confident Grandie will approve. But as Marian and Bradley’s romance blooms, Grandie insists on mentoring Bradley herself, wedging her own ambition into their love affair. It isn’t long before Bradley is caught in a tug-of-war between the woman he adores and her grandmother—the woman miraculously clearing the base path for his way to the big leagues.

Now the game is tied, and each player is chasing a dream. Will Grandie’s desire to make her mark on baseball history blind her to Marian’s despair? Can Bradley climb to the top of the sport and still hold on to the love of his life? Or will Marian make the decision for all of them and sacrifice her own happily-ever-after?

Chasing Aces was inspired by Edith Houghton, the pioneering first female scout in Major League Baseball. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

* * *

 Danette Laver beautifully outlines the relationship among life, family, baseball, and everything in between. The book’s catalyst, a trailblazing woman who was the first female scout in Major League Baseball, is inspirational and, similarly to the other characters in the novel, dynamic. This is a love story that evolves, much like the nine innings of a baseball game, and will be talked about for many seasons to come.

—Katie Krall, 2022 Boston Red Sox Development Coach


Danette Laver is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson University, a member of the Romance Writers of America and an alumna of the Philadelphia Writers Workshop. When she isn’t writing, she’s reading, cooking, or kicking through the rubble of a home renovation project. Danette and her husband divide their time between Maine, Pennsylvania, and visiting their son in California.

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