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Paperback 8.5” x 9”
37 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-083-9


toadandtheboy_coverwritten & illustrated by Jo Miles Schuman

Toad and a lonely boy become friends and help each other in dangerous situations. Toad, aside from talking, is realistically portrayed in text and illustrations. The boy, other than his small size, is a typical adventurous boy. Interwoven with this imaginary tale is accurate natural history. Children observe the habits and traits of American toads and other wildlife at an intimate ground level, and they learn about the interdependence of animals, birds, plants, and insects in Toad’s environment.

* * *

Toad and the Boy will inspire our next generation of naturalists . . . this book is a refreshing look at natural history that gives a level playing field to both predator and prey, leaving the reader in awe of nature’s complexities and hungry for more.”
—Aram J. K. Calhoun, Professor of Wetland Ecology, University of Maine

“I recommend this book to teachers as an introduction to science units on ecosystems with third or fourth-grade students, and also to any parent who wants to encourage their child to be inquisitive about the environment and have a sense of responsibility toward the creatures of this earth.”
—Amy MacDonald, fourth-grade teacher, Essex Elementary School, Centerbrook, CT


Jo Miles Schuman has published two previous books: Art from Many Hands: Multicultural Art Projects, of which she is, the author; and A Spicing of Birds: Poems by Emily Dickinson, which she edited with Joanna Bailey Hodgman. She has three grown children and lives with her husband on the coast of Maine. She enjoys and studies the natural world, using her art to share with others the beauty of the earth and its infinite variety of plant and animal life.