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Paperback, 6″ x 9″
527 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-300-7

by Elizabeth Loewald

The Tree Grows Standing Still is the story of Elizabeth Loewald’s life. Her life began in San Francisco and continued through many states. She worked as a psychiatrist and an author, raised her children in Connecticut, and later retired in Maine. Only gradually did she begin to see how her childhood yearnings had been with her all the way.

* * *

 “How rare it is to read a memoir of this heft and power, spanning nearly a century of a life! Elizabeth Loewald, soon to be ninety-eight years old, began life in San Francisco, came east for college, attended medical school at Johns Hopkins, and became a respected psychiatrist at Yale/ New Haven Hospital at a time when women physicians were rare, and often thwarted. Through vivid and moving language, a reader will feel Elizabeth’s love of her profession and the inventiveness and compassion she brought to patients who needed her help.

The Tree Grows Standing Still is an immersive and moving story of balancing family and profession, told with verve, passion, humor, and the truth of well-chosen language. Elizabeth is the keeper of an astonishing memory bank, and her accounts of a time and place she lived so fully and deeply will inspire readers with all that one life can be.”

—Eleanor Morse, author of Margreete’s Harbor and White Dog Fell from the Sky


Now retired in Brunswick, Maine, Elizabeth Loewald began life in San Francisco in 1923. She earned a BA at UC Berkeley in 1944. In 1948, she earned an MD at Johns Hopkins Medical School but then became ill with tuberculosis for most of the next five years. After she recov­ered, she married, had two children, finished training in psychiatry, and practiced for many years.

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