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10” x 8”
30 pagesPaperback: $19.95

Hardcover: $29.95
ISBN 978-1-63381-149-2



by Glennis Chabot & Patricia Flint
illustrated by Claudia Diller

Piping Plovers are endangered shorebirds that nest along the beaches of Maine.

After a nest is washed away by a high tide, Charlotte and Oliver notice a small fluffy chick foraging for food on the beach. Beautifully illustrated by Claudia Diller, The Mystery Chick combines factual information and an exciting plot to create an engaging story for all ages.

* * *

Just like Charlotte and Oliver, there are real people watching over our beach-nesting birds all across the country helping trained biologists keep these vulnerable birds safe. These volunteers and plover lovers teach us all to share the beach and are essential to the survival of endangered species. We are thrilled that the authors are sharing this story about these special birds.
—Laura Zitske, wildlife biologist, Maine Audubon Coastal Birds Program

The Mystery Chick is a wonderful introduction to the joys and challenges of wildlife conservation. It gives us a glimpse into the issues impacting wildlife in populated areas and how even kids can make a difference when it comes to wildlife conservation.
—Judy Camuso, director of wildlife, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife



Glennis Chabot and Patricia Flint are retired Maine teachers who share a love of the beach and ocean. Glennis lives with her husband on a beach in Maine and coordinates a group of volunteers who help protect Piping Plovers. Patricia lived in Maine for forty years and now divides her time between Colorado and Florida. She is coauthor of Lily of the North.