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Paperback 6” x 9″
220 pages



by Jeffrey Burke

Jeffrey Burke lived at the Isle au Haut Lighthouse Station for 26 years, renting rooms to travelers. Sometimes staid, sometimes hysterical, his account is a caterwauling voyage from the Big Bang through discovering his own purpose in life. Burke invites the reader aboard for the excursion and encourages each of us to search the horizon for our own unique beacon.

All proceeds for this book are dedicated to the historic restoration of the Isle au Haut Lighthouse.

* * *

I grew up at the Isle au Haut Lighthouse, the pulse of the beacon guiding me through life’s challenging seasons. Jeffrey Burke also has lived a major portion of his years in this magical space. Thousands of wandering travelers have joined him and Judi as guests at their inn, and have also been touched. The Lighthouse & Me captures the universal allure that glows from lighthouses everywhere. It’s a phenomenon that often has altered lives—certainly mine…and Jeff’s…and pilgrims from around the globe. Within these pages, an unsuspecting reader might even discover a path to a lighthouse of their own.
—Linda Greenlaw, swordfish boat captain, author, boat builder, islander

Jeff’s book is packed full of local lighthouse lore, legend, and lessons learned over several decades of near-ceaseless work on behalf of the Isle au Haut Light. But, even more than that, it overflows with passion, vision, and commitment. Jeff and Judi’s dedication to the property reflects the unwavering essence of all lighthouses everywhere. Pun intended, this book is an inspiring “keeper.”
—Peter Ralston, cofounder of the Island Institute, artist, and author

Jeff Burke expertly weaves the history of one of Maine’s last and most picturesque lighthouses with his personal story of the many challenges when he and his wife Judi turned the remote light station into a unique island inn. As a lighthouse enthusiast, lighthouse historian, former B & B owner on the Maine Coast, and guest of the Burkes, I can wholeheartedly salute the Burke’s success as innkeepers and lighthouse preservationists and this wonderful tale.
—Ted Panayotoff, author of The Islandport Guide to Maine Lighthouses and former owner of The Elms Bed & Breakfast, Camden, Maine

* * *


Jeffrey Burke still lives on Isle au Haut in the summer, painting portraits and repairing houses. Winters
find him and his bride of fifty-four years living in a cohousing community high in the mountains of Arizona. Their children and grandchildren now stretch from Maine to Hawaii.