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Paperback, 6″x9″
390 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63381-093-8


adventuresofjack_coverby Paul Newlin

Jack Armstron’s adventures from infancy to adulthood are seen against the background of the All-American symbols of Motherhood, Apple Pie, Baseball, and The American Flag. Motherhood is represented by Jack’s great-aunt who evolves into a worldly-wise grandmother figure and guardian as the reader follows Jack delighting in the bounty of country cooking (Apple Pie), falling short of stardom in high school and college sports (Baseball), and as a disillusioned Army draftee in the 1950s (The American Flag) when the American Dream was fast fading into a mythic past.


PAUL NEWLIN was reared in small-town Ohio, but as an adult he has lived on both coasts. Twice honored as an outstanding university English professor, he is the author of the novel It Had to Be a Woman and the short story collection Reaching For September. Retired from academia, he and his wife, Sue, have lived on Deer Isle, Maine, since 1994.