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Paperback,  6″ x 9″”
247 pages
ISBN 978-1-938883-98-9


Sea of Liberty


by Kevin C. Mills

PRIVATEER ELI MILLER SEEKS FREEDOM FROM A TRAGIC PAST. But liberty comes with a price. While serving the cause of revolution, he’s captured by brutal British forces. His liberty is lost and his life is in peril. He vows to escape or die trying. This is a story of good and evil, war and peace, love and loss, faith and freedom.
Sea of Liberty is the third in a series of historical novels by award-winning journalist and author Kevin C. Mills, inspired by the storied maritime history of his ancestors. It is loosely based on the life of privateer Eligood Mills. According to family legend, Eligood was aboard the privateer Grand Turk and captured by the British.
The three-book series follows the Miller family through different generations. Sons and Daughters of the Ocean, was inspired by the shipbuilding and merchant mariners of Brooksville, Maine in the 1870’s. Breakwater is based on the life of a grandfather, a former lighthouse keeper, who struggles to find purpose in the pain of his life. He is challenged by his wife’s declining health, which tests his strength and shakes his faith.