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Paperback, 6.25″x9.5″
284 pages
ISBN: 978-1-63381-155-3


edited by Carol Bass

This book, filled with writing and art from across the country, began as a plea to the state of South Carolina to protect its many rivers, not to squander the waters to out–of–state industrial farms and sell its rivers to Wall Street entities, but to respect its citizens rights and its God-given resources.

* * *

Born from her childhood connection to the Edisto, Carol’s passion for rivers and all things water—a passion I have witnessed at her sea island community and in the legislature’s lobby—are mirrored in Ripple Effect. This confluence of prose and art brings together paintings, poetry, photographs, and essays to stir imagination and inspire action. Rivers connect us. They provide a sense of place. No matter where we are, be it a blackwater floodplain, headwater trickle, or powerful cataract, flowing water provides a sense of place, of belonging. Ripple Effect beckons us to honor our connections to these national treasures, to take actions that ensure they will remain vibrant today and in the future.

—Gerrit Jöbsis Gerrit resides in Columbia, South Carolina, and directs American Rivers’ growing advocacy for the rivers of Southern Appalachia and the Carolinas



Carol Bass paints large abstracts and constructs giant wall pieces of vivid color.
Her activism for environmental injustice was the reason for this book. She lives in South Carolina and Maine.


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