Customers are free to call us any time or to arrange to meet us at our office in Thomaston. It is best to call ahead. If you are not ready to actually publish, but would only like to discuss the process, we offer a consultation session for $135 per hour. However, if you have your manuscript ready we ask that you follow these steps.

  1. Request estimates for printing and design cost.
  • Call or e-mail with basic manuscript information (such as word or page count).
  • Let us know if you have any pictures and if they are in color or black and white.
  • Consider how many books you want.
  • Review estimates and contact your publishing coordinator for more information.


  1. Request a Welcome Packet, which will include…
  • A copy of our trade catalog, which we send to Maine bookstores and libraries.
  • An example Editorial Evaluation.
  • Distribution and marketing information.
  • More materials about publishing and our company.


  1. Request an Editorial Evaluation ($145), which…
  • Outlines the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript.
  • Comes with an estimate of cost for editing.
  • Is required to be in the Cooperative Plan and trade catalog.
  • Identifies key issues that our editors or yours can focus on.


  1. Move forward with the editing process.
  • You have control of what edits are accepted or rejected.
  • You’re eligible for the Cooperative plan and trade catalog.
  • Your work will be at its strongest when presented to your audience.
  • Optional for books not in our catalog.


  1. Move into cover and interior layout design.
  • Talk or meet with one of our experienced designers about your book.
  • Present cover ideas or work with your designer to come up with one.
  • Work back and forth until you have a digital file that looks just right.
  • Get a printed press proof of your book to hold, look over, and approve.


  1. Consider how you will reach your audience through marketing and publicity.
  • Choose a membership plan that works for you.
  • Request a “Title Consultation” (optional)—Good titles are strong marketing tools.
  • Have a 1hr marketing consultation with our knowledgeable staff.
  • Consider Amazon, social media, and a custom made publicity package.


  1. Print your books and share them with your readers.
  • Once you have approved the press proof, printing only takes 10 working days.
  • Have a book launch at a bookstore or library local to you or simply admire your hard work.
  • Share your book with your community.
  • Attend trade shows, fairs, marketing workshops, and our yearly author conference.


Being an author is a rewarding experience, whether you want books simply for your friends and family or if you want to have them reach a wider audience. Remember—each book shared is another person reading your story.