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Paperback 6” x 9″
89 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-035-8

The Place We Become

by Carolyn Locke

A poetry collection that invites the reader on a journey of transformation. Using meticulously selected details of places as familiar as Maine and as distant as Morocco or China, these poems integrate the external and internal worlds of experience, tracing the process by which people slip identity and ego and enter into a larger space.

The Place We Become is indeed all about becoming. In Carolyn Locke’s poems transformation can occur through travel to foreign places—those “brief migrations into the world of the other”—or by deep attention to the sacredness of the natural world, where an overnight rainfall becomes “a torrential blessing we’ve forgotten to pray for.” Locke’s poems trace the process by which people slip identity and ego, and enter into a larger space. She doesn’t ignore what’s broken, but balances it with images of a greater whole. These are poems that carry much wisdom and beauty. —BETSY SHOLL, Maine Poet Laureate (2006-2011) and author of eight collections of poetry, most recently, Otherwise Unseeable

Carolyn Locke’s The Place We Become is a gracefully layered collection of poems. One extended, perfectly integrated breath filled with movement. The rhythm between exactness of location and the gradual, limitless expansion of experience. Through the window, out in the field, close to home, or far away—the poet, the image, the seer and the seen, are one. Amongst the exquisite precision, form, and detail, there’s plenty of room for the reader. This book is an invitation to journey. Be prepared to follow because “Sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself/from letting go/of whatever anchors you.” —BARBARA MARIA, author of Crossing Time and Palace Boulevard

Carolyn Locke’s well-practiced poetic hand transports us in this book to places where the external world—from Maine to Morocco to China and elsewhere—integrates with the internal world—of the self, relatives, friends, colleagues, and others. Every person and event along the way is a corner of space-time all its own, filled with surprise, curiosity, and deeply human tensions carefully observed and meticulously recorded. Her poetry is a prism of the lights and shades of being here. —DANA WILDE, author of Nebulae and On the Other End of the Driveway


CAROLYN LOCKE is also the author of Always This Falling (2010), a collection of poetry, and Not One Thing: Following Matsuo Basho’s Narrow Road to the Interior (2013). A graduate of Bates College and the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College, she taught English, creative writing, and humanities classes at Mount View High School for many years.

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