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Paperback 6” x 9″
20 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-158-4



by Ann Hammond

This poetry comes from a deep love of the sea and the seashore. Lyrical in style, the poems speak about the spirit of creation, the beauty of the natural world, and change. All the poems are written from the experiences and joy of walking Higgins Beach at different times of year, accompanied by two-legged and four-legged friends

* * *

“In the splendid poems of On Higgins Beach Ann Hammond demonstrates how to live gracefully into a buoyant advanced age. The bark of a dog, the sighting of an arctic owl blown off course, a walk in the sand, a drink at a fireside: all these exist in a sea of moment-to-moment awareness. This poet’s vigorous and strong-minded poems track her pursuit of understanding through observing the world and its minor miracles—including actually driving a monarch butterfly to safety as it clings to her finger on the steering wheel. She calls the creature a “fragile survivor,” but the poet is a dynamic survivor, with expansive humor and a hard-earned flexibility. These poems do not fend off death, but view the transition into the next world as a deeply rich and conscious one. On Higgins Beach inspires me—we can all be refreshed by Ann Hammond’s wisdom and deft craft.”

— Molly Peacock, author of The Analyst and Cornucopia: New and Selected Poems

“Ann Hammond has written poetry evocative of the feelings, sights, and sounds that walking and meditating on a beach brings to those who slow down and contemplate the peace, power, and majesty of a small piece of creation. My soul is full.”

—The Rev. Amelia Hagen, SOSc (Society of Ordained Scientists)



Ann Hammond was born in England in 1936. When she was three years old World War II began, which had a profound effect on her childhood. Ann, her mother, and brother moved from town to town trying to escape German bombs while her father served as captain of a Cable & Wireless ship. Educated in boarding school and London University, she moved to Rhodesia before immigrating to America in 1964. For forty years she taught health and physical education in private and public schools while earning an MA from Adelphia University and becoming an American citizen in 1972. At the age of fifty-eight she joined her first writing group, a workshop given by author Barbara Wersba, who encouraged her to write poetry. She has studied for many years and currently studies with poet Molly Peacock. Ann Hammond resides in Scarborough, Maine, with Emily, a Havanese terrier. She is listed in Who’s Who in the World 2014.