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Paperback 6” x 9″
131 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-047-1


Chainsaw Mama

by Lee-Rae Jordan-Oliver

At a time when dairy farms were shutting down at a rapid rate throughout Maine, Lee-Rae and her husband, Matthew, attempted the seemingly impossible and built their own dairy farm from scratch on Westford Hill in Hodgdon, Maine. Having been public educators for over a decade, neither one of them had ever milked a cow in their lives. Through sheer grit and determination, love and loyalty, this husband and wife team worked shoulder to shoulder to establish their family farm. Craftily weaving humor throughout harrowing and heartwarming true stories, this memoir shows the everyday challenges a dairy farmer must overcome to survive.



LEE-RAE JORDAN-OLIVER lives on her family’s dairy farm with her husband and three children in Hodgdon, Maine. When she’s not milking cows, tending to calves, or sawing wood, she’s running, hiking, or snowshoeing on the trails of Westford Hill. Her favorite moments are spent swimming with her children at Nickerson Lake, riding her horse Jazz, skiing at Big Rock Mountain with her family, and climbing Mt. Katahdin with cherished friends.