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Paperback 10″ x 8.5″
26 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-044-1


Can a Frog Fly


by Don Denico
Illustrated by Christina Mattison Klaven

This book is about a moose named Otis and an old, cranky frog named Bob who become friends after sharing a unique experience at Bob’s pond. The adventure will inspire children to think outside the box to get their creative juices flowing and understand that friendships can come in all shapes and sizes.


Why do you think Bob the frog had no friends?
What did Otis the moose do that made Bob the frog mad?
Why did the Bob the frog become scared?
Why do you think Bob the frog enjoyed flying through the air?
Why did Bob the frog and Otis the moose become close friends?
Has someone made you angry and then become your friend?



DON DENICO is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine (1992 BS, 2004 MS) and teaches at a public high school in Maine. He loves the outdoors and wants his children to love it as much as he does. He would tell them Woodchuck Valley tales on the way to camp to get them excited about looking for animals and unique areas of the wilderness that nature has to offer.

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