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Paperback 6” x 9″
150 pages
ISBN 978-1-938883-64-4


World Locked In

by Mark Hathaway

Mark Hathaway is an adventurer. Born and raised in a small Maine town, he began to travel on his own as a young man. At sixteen, he lived in Barcelona, and at eighteen, he journeyed overland from Spain to such places as France, Italy, Istanbul, Tehran, Afghanistan, and India to Katmandu, Nepal.

After returning to the States and graduating from Tufts University, Mark lived, worked and traveled in the Far East and Southeast Asia. At twenty-five, he entered graduate school at Northwestern University, and that is when his most amazing spiritual odyssey began.

The journey started with a headache which led to a six-week coma resulting from a mysterious illness, and Mark lived his life in a dream world. Upon waking from the coma, he found himself with Locked-in Syndrome where his mind was active, but he was unable to speak or move. A drooling, sweating, emaciated scarecrow, somehow, he saw this as another adventure, not unlike the adventures of his past. He feels lucky to have had such a unique, mind-expanding challenge.

Mark hopes that readers will learn from his experience, see their own personal adversity in a different light, and gain new respect for others. Often light and humorous, the book has an unexpected, powerful message to which we can all relate.