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Paperback, 6″x9″
123 pages
ISBN: 978-1-938883-92-7



by Joy Cameron

Gabe was never one to let grass grow under his feet and there was nothing he enjoyed more than a little adventure. If it involved a little mystery too, that was all the better. The abandoned farm near his home was just too good an opportunity to pass up. There was too much activity going on in a place that was supposed to be uninhabited, not to mention the unusual lights and odd noises he had seen and heard on his last reconnaissance. Why would there be lights and strange noises at a vacant property? And why did some of the kids at school tease him with remarks about his mother supposedly taking a vacation and seeing strange lights? What could she possibly have to do with any of it? He didn’t know yet, but he was going to find out!


When her grandson, Joey, returned home to Maine after visiting her in Florida, Joy found she was spending a lot of time thinking of a lasting gift she could give him. With a little day dreaming and imagination, the story line for Gabe and the Mystery Light emerged in 2009. It was a labor of love that family and friends thought she should pursue to publishing. Joy was born in Bangor, Maine, educated in Bangor schools and worked as an administrative assistant in the medical field before retiring and moving to Florida with her husband. She returned to work in an elementary school, and found that being surrounded all day by children, who were always so excited to tell her about the latest book they were reading, strengthened her resolve to finish her story. She enjoys writing, painting with acrylics, and travelling with her husband, especially back to Maine.