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Paperback 10″x 7″
38 pages
ISBN 978-1-63381-048-8


Dudley's Undoubtedly Useful Products


by Mark Luigi

Genre: Illustrated Humor

For anyone who has ever perused an old catalog and wondered with amusement about people’s tastes and proclivities of bygone eras, Mark Luiggi has taken the concept to another level with his delightful and imaginative Dudley’s Undoubtedly Useful Products. Boston area writer/illustrator Luiggi offers up thirty quirky, odd, and hopelessly improbable “Useful Products” that are guaranteed to raise a smile.


Mark Luiggi is an artist/illustrator whose watercolor paintings and clocks appear in numerous galleries and collections throughout New England. Among other art activities, Mark has produced a line of limited-edition giclée prints (Risible Reproductions). Mark lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and likes to play guitar whenever he gets a chance.