Maine Authors Publishing staff will be offering one-night adult education courses and library workshops for 2015-2016.


Are you ready to independently publish your book? The new advances in printing technology have created a boom in independent publishing. Many first time authors as well as previously published authors are choosing to self-publish. Now is the best time to finish your manuscript and learn about the publishing options available. This class will guide authors through the steps needed to publish responsibly, effectively and learn to avoid the many pitfalls in the fast-changing world of independent publishing. You will find out about self-publishing, the importance of editing, eBooks, marketing plans, and the technical assistance you need to get your book in print. Instructor: Jane Karker


Learn where and how to market your independently published book for the best sales results. Get ideas for marketing your book, building an author platform, building relationships with book stores, using social media and why selecting the right keywords can drive better sales. Using the media and internet to market your books is a crucial part of this marketing discussion. This class is for published authors as well as writers who have not yet self-published and would like to learn how to self-publish affordably and effectively.


4/6/17 Independent Publishing 6:15-8:30 Freeport Adult Ed
4/13/17 Independent Publishing 6:15-8:30 Damariscotta Adult Ed
4/27/17 Independent Publishing 6:15-8:30 Turner Adult Ed
5/18/17 Independent Publishing 6:15-8:30 Bangor Adult Ed
5/25/17 Independent Publishing 6:15-8:30 Bangor Public Library


Contact your local adult education organization or search here for your class. Ask your local library about hosting a free workshop or check their website to see if one is scheduled already.

Email Kristine at Maine Authors Publishing for more information or call 207-594-0091.