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adventuresofjack_cover The Amethyst Stone Becoming Hallie The Besieged Beyond
bluegirls_cover Dead Drunk  
Destiny Downwind from Pemaquid The Eastern Gabe and the Mystery Light
The Great Adoption HaulingThrough_cover IslandsofTime_cover Katherine Elizabeth, Full of Grace Light on Jib Island
Margel's Madness Matinicus Not Even Dark Chocolate Can Fix This Mess Railroad to the Moon
   RebelsWrath_cover Reese's Leap covers reqstone_cover
Retsbol Rises Saving Lauren's Daughter Sea of Liberty A Skeptic's Luck The Season in Between
StonesThrow_ 9781633810754-frontcover Summer of the Disco King A Tale of Life and War  Vanishing Act
 Yes and No: Paris 1969